[Kstyles] Vivisure Hibis Cream Review

Hi lovelies,four months ago I was lucky enough to won from Kstyles giveaway where the prize must also be review after the product was tested. I really wanna try Vivisure Hibis Cream because it looks amazing and it's my first time to try Hibiscus skincare products. Sunny of Kstyles was also generous to send me two  Skinfactory products that I reviewed last year HERE and HERE.

My apologize if it took me so long to wrap-up my thoughts about this product cause I made a re-test of it 4x just to make sure about it's result,so now finally it's time to give Vivisure Hibis Cream its verdict.

Kstyles is an online K-beauty shop that offers Kstylesbox which is especially curated for individuals needs and concerns. There sheet masks are not randomly given but are hand-picked for individual's skin types and concerns. Since each box is customized, no boxes will be the same,it will be interesting, individual and unique.

Vivisure Hibis Cream is a triple in one cream;whitening,anti-aging and brightening cream that keeps skin healthy. It controls sebum,gently exfoliates by removing dead skin cells,cleans and tightens pores.It absorbs quickly without greasy feeling. Made in Korea.

It's key ingredient is Hibiscus flower aka the Botox plant for it is said to be rich in antioxidant called anthocyanocides that fights free radicals and it also increases skin elasticity,evens out skin tone,purifies your complexion and boost the moisture on your skin.

Price: $20.99 in Kstylesbox

How to use: At the last step of skin care routine, apply an adequate amount of this moisturizer into your face.

It's packaging is very beautiful in pink box with the hibiscus flower,it's jar looks luxurious in heavy pink bottle with a shiny silver cap.Inside has a plastic lid to protect the product inside. It also comes with spatula for hygienic scopping out of the product. I really love this tropical vibe packaging of this product.

Color, Scent and Texture: 
This product has a pudding like texture,it is thick,bouncy and jelly like. It has an amazing,herbal/ botanical scent.

Look how yummy this product looks like.❤

I had a love and hate relationship with Vivisure Hibis Cream. I love it because it's packaging,scent and texture is really amazing. I love how it moisturizes my skin,quickly dries without being sticky and greasy and I wanna use this product everyday. However,I always observed that after 2 days of using this product it happens that I always got break outs,I usually got breakouts with greasy moisturizing cream but this one isn't greasy so I tested it 4x to be sure and it's always like that. I think it's because this cream dries fast however doesn't completely absorb into my skin leaving a siliconey film, it flakes off when I rubbed my skin after it dries,so I think this product clogges my pores.
I must admit that this product is not really for my skin.

Did you also had a love and hate feels with your skincare products?

Thank you so much for reading,I hope it helps you. See again on my next posts!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž


[Kstyles] Vivisure Hibis Cream Review

Hi lovelies,four months ago I was lucky enough to won from  Kstyles  giveaway where the prize must also be review after the product was t...