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Masking Time|Hanyul Nature in Life Pure Artemisia (Watery Calming) Sheetmask|Review

Hi lovelies, it's time again for a sheetmask review! This time it's the Hanyul Nature in Life Pure Artemisia (Watery Calming) Sheetmask,it was my prize giveaway from Putihtalk, this will be my Putihtalk 4th sheet mask review as of now.

Putihtalk is an online beauty review site that was created to share honest review of whitening products, and gives them a score evaluation. There website is very helpful for everyone who are interested buying K-beauty products but don't have idea of what to pick. Not just that they also post some helpful skincare tips and advice.

Hanyul Nature in Life Pure Artemisia (Watery Calming) Sheetmask is a moisturizing and soothing sheetmask for tired skin.
It's key ingredient is baby mugwort water, mugwort which is high in Vitamin E that contains basic anti oxidant for healthy skin, it also makes skin clear and free from break-outs.

Content: 23ml
Packaging :comes in a beautiful pastel green color and has an artemisia leaves design. The packaging is easy to tear and is made of paper.

Sheetmask material: Made of soft cottony transparent sheet mask that fits perfectly on my face. It adheres well on my face and it's fully soaked with essence. I unfolded the mask carefully because it looks delicate and doesn't comes with backings. It has 5 slits around the face and 2 on the nose bridge.

Color,Scent and Texture
The essence has a serum-like consistency and doesn't drip. It smells like a mixture of mildly floral and woody.

Mask feels cool,and soothing on my face, after 20minutes the mask is still soak with essence.It evened out my skin tone,tightens my pores and my skin feels moisturized,so plump and hydrated,it took a while before the essence was fully absorbed by my skin,and I keep on touching my cheeks because it feels bouncy. This mask is not greasy perfect for oily skin types, and leaves a glow matte finish,no brightening effects tho.

You can find its full ingredients 👉HERE at CosDNA.

A huge thank you to Putihtalk for sending this to me.  You can also find my review on there webpage
Thank you so much for, reading, I hope this review will help you. 💕😘


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